Hounslow Real Nappy Incentive-Terms and Conditions

Hounslow Real Nappy Incentive 2012/13

Terms and Conditions
• Proof of residency will be required – current year Council Tax bill or utility bill
within the last 3 months, Rent or Tenancy agreement.
• Proof of identity will be required – Photo Drivers Licence, Passport or other photo
• Proof of pregnancy or of baby’s birth will be required – Maternity NHS Exemption
Certificate, MatB1, baby’s birth certificate , Scan Report or an official document
with your name and the baby’s DOB or EDD. (Please note: Saffy’s Nappies or a
Local Authority employee will take a copy of this document for retention by
London Borough of Hounslow).
• Limited to one pack per baby. (Twins and other multiple births ‐ we will need to
see the scan report).
• Packs are available for babies between 0 and 18 months only.
• Currently packs are being offered at Nappy Natters with Saffy’s Nappies ONLY.
No discounts will be offered in retrospect or for taster packs from other retail
outlets/online shopping. No packs will be sent in the post.‐+
• An application form must be completed and given to Saffy’s Nappies or a Local
Authority employee who will provide the pack on receipt.
• The supplier will not accept the application unless it is in the same name as the
person placing the order.
• Residents will be asked to provide feedback for up to a year by means of
questionnaires and/or contact with the London Borough of Hounslow.
• Packs have limited availability.
• The Taster Pack is only available to applicants who have not already taken
advantage of a Real Nappies for London discount voucher for that child. The RNfL
database will be checked.
• The decision to supply a pack rests with Saffy’s Nappies and the London Borough
of Hounslow.
• We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
• This pack is offered in good faith and applicants cannot gain financial benefit
from selling the taster pack in a new or nearly new condition. Unwanted taster
packs can be returned to London Borough of Hounslow at any time. (contact
recycling@hounslow.gov.uk to return your pack). These nappies will be used
within a library scheme.
Fair Processing Notice for Data Protection Act 1998
‘The information collected for the purpose of receiving a free taster nappy pack, will
be kept confidential, and used only for that purpose. The person collecting this
information agrees to this and understands that only the information required on the
form should be collected. The form and any supporting information should be kept
confidential and passed to the London Borough of Hounslow officer within an agreed
time frame.
Information will be used only by Saffy’s Nappies and/or the London Borough of
Hounslow and kept confidentially to check that only one pack is requested per baby.



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